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Jay Maa Ratneshwari

|| Jai Maa Bhavani ||

|| Jai Maa Ratneswari ||

This place of worship of Mother Bhagwati is located in the eastern part of Ratanpur village. According to what we came to know from the elders, the worship of Mother Bhagwati has been going on here since time immemorial. This people's Aradhya is not known how long ago it has been fulfilling the feelings of the people. With the change of time, the order of their worship has also been expanding and developing. It is believed that this form of the present mother was established by Baba Bam Bholi Das. After their establishment, the development here has been progressing and developing at a vertical pace.

There are many types of beliefs regarding the pre-history of the temple, due to the difference in the facts heard in the history, it is not being recorded due to the discrepancy in the history. According to one of those views, the portion of what was published in the Hindustan newspaper is as follows ---

Mata Ratneswari Asthan located in Ratanpur is famous as a Vaishnavi Durga Peeth in Mitlanchal. The mother here is Lakshmi Swarupa Durga. Only Tatchan, the mother of the devotees who worship her with true spirit, fulfills their wishes. This is the reason that every day devotees from every corner of Mithlanchal and Nepal are worshiped here. Here Mata is worshiped in Vaishnavi system in both Shardiya and Annual Navratri. The idol of Mother Durga is not made here. Worship is offered to the Pindi (Statue) of the Asthit Mata in the temple. Mata Ratneswari Asthan also has an ancient history.

There was the Sen Raj dynasty in Bengal from 1234 to 1293. After the rise of the Deva dynasty, the heirs of the Sen dynasty started migrating from there to other places. Ratnasen, the great-grandson of the heir of the Sab Sen dynasty of the last ruler, fled from Bengal and reached Mithalanchal. He was the ultimate worshiper of Mother Durga. He built his own fort near the then Durga place of Ratanpur. The township was named Ratanpur after the name of Raja Ratnasen. Now it is famous as Ratanpur. Animal sacrifice is not given here. .

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