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Navratri 2021: Problems will increase due to Maa arrival on doli, departure on elephant will be

Navratri will start from 7th October, Vijayadashami on 15th

Kalash installation can be done from 6.10 am to 3.37 pm

Shardiya Navratri will start from 7th October. Due to Panchami and Shashthi Tithi falling on the same day (October 11) this year Navratri is being held for eight days only. On October 7, after 6.10 in the morning, the Muhurta for the establishment of the Kalash is being made, which will remain till 3.37 in the afternoon. Bilwa invitation will be given on 11th October, Shashthi Tithi. On October 12 (Saptami), after the worship of Bilwa Todi in the morning, the door of Maa Durga will be opened for the devotees. On October 13, there is Mahashtami, while on October 14, there will be programs like Mahanavami, Kumari Poojan, Havan etc. On October 15, Vijayadashami, Navratri fasting, Goddess idol immersion, Aparajita Puja, Shami Puja, Nilkanth Darshan are becoming auspicious.

Arrival on Doli, Departure on Elephant

  • Mahishasura Mardini is arriving on the doli. The scholars of the scriptures do not consider it good to come through this medium. Acharya Madhavananda says about the ride of Mata that 'Dolayan Maranam Dhruvam' means the mother coming from the doli points towards natural calamity, epidemic etc. Although the farewell of the mother is being done on an elephant. Acharya considers it an indicator of good fortune. They say that the year when the elephant is bid farewell, there is good rainfall in that year. Various auspicious results are obtained throughout the year.

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